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website code Customized legal website design can be eye catching, attractive, and make written content more pleasing, but for law firms, it can be something else entirely: proof of the quality of your services and dedication.

Everyone who uses the Internet at least somewhat frequently has encountered this scenario: Upon searching for a topic, you find a link to a site that may contain exactly what you are looking for. When you enter the site, however, you are greeted with design so poorly done that you immediately question the legitimacy of the site and leave. Even though the website may have contained the exact information or service that you were searching for, its design immediately caused you to doubt the site’s worth and safety.

Quality Design, Quality Service

Keywords and search terms may bring potential customers to your website, but it is design that hooks them and keeps them on your site. Eye-catching imagery that visitors see as soon as they enter the site is necessary to draw in potential clients. On average, a website has 10 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention; however, a strong site design will balance attention-grabbing design with clear and informative information.

Rather than minimizing the written content on a page, strong website design will draw readers to the written content and make other important information, such as contact forms, easy to find. Additionally, keeping company branding and logos consistent throughout your websites pages will help users to connect with your company and its services. By thoroughly planning out your company’s design that will be applied to the header, body, and footer of each page, you can establish a solid and consistent look for your company that emphasizes a focus on quality and branding.

Building Trust Through Site Design

A business is only as good as its product, and every web page created by a law firm should be seen as a product. Should your website show a lack of care or ignorance toward the needs of visitors, potential customers may grow wary and not seek out your business. Providing visitors with visuals that are pleasing to the eye, information that is easy to find, and an overall high quality product can show that you care about the services you are providing and the needs of customers.

It only takes a few seconds for potential customers to form an opinion of a business, and what they take in visually can quickly lead them to take a positive or negative stance. If a visitor can trust your website and the content it provides, he or she is one step closer to trusting your company and the services you provide.

Cutting Edge Website Design Techniques for Your Company

The legal website design team at SLS Consulting, Inc. understands the direct impact that organization, navigation, usability, and branding has on the success of a law practice. Through a deep understanding of attorney web design in relation to both customer experience and search engine optimization (SEO), our team provides each client with site design tailored to their focus and the needs of their clients.