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moon at night Want to make money fast and with little time and effort?!?! So does everyone else.

That's why this bait of a question and "selling point" by scammers has hooked the minds and caught the wallets of many.

Catch and Release

We live in a competitive world and consumer culture is made all the more ruthless by the Internet. You have to feed your family, your business has to survive – hopefully, thrive. What do you do? Take the easy way out? Not so fast.

We all know that moths are drawn to flame and that the flame may eventually obliterate them. Didn't they see it coming? Didn't they see other moths be consumed by the allure of the bright light? In a similar sense, when you are promised success and money, it can be hard to resist, especially when vulnerability and desperation come into play. We all make mistakes and aren't immune to being taken advantage of. People who use the Internet as their flame, as their way of deceiving consumers and those searching for a way to make money, have fallen to the dark side, and the dark side is unforgiving.

Scammers who claim to use "Internet Marketing" to help you make THOUSANDS, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from home and for ONLY THREE HOURS A DAY!!, or however small amount of time, are only in it for themselves – they don't care about whether you crash and burn; in fact, they're counting on it. Those who fall victim to a scam that claims to be "Internet Marketing" and promises to be a fast, easy way to make money on the web may have trusted too soon, failed to do their own research, or simply were desperate in a tough economic time. It's these types of schemes, the "dark side," that threaten to tarnish the reputation of genuine Internet marketers out there who promote a brand and believe in the product or service that an individual or company provides.

Defending Internet Marketing's Good Name

If you have an innovative business plan and a product that helps people or provides them with what they need, success and prosperity are within reach. Running a profitable business requires hard work and lots of time. If someone guarantees you lucrative results with a plan that's effortless, they may be the only ones who come out of the deal profitable and you may be left in the dust.

Internet marketing that's leveraged to scam others is not a win-win situation. A good Internet marketer will structure their business as a win-win. An Internet marketer has a job too; they're making a living. And because they care about what they do, they will help you make your living as well. If you're not making money, you can't keep them as your beacon in stormy waters of reputation management, client development, content creation, website design, and SEO. They will work to help make your business grow by assisting you in establishing your online authority.

There is risk in everything you do, but when you take a chance on someone with years of experience and who has a team of people that spend hours upon hours each day, each week, each month, for years, on areas that you know just the tip of the iceberg about, then you can trust that all this effort, money, and time will create something bigger for you: success. Taking a chance on an empty promise, a claim that isn't supported by testimonials from other clients or a strong presence in the field is like taking hold of bait from a line so far up, you can't see who's on the other end.

Keepin' it Real: May the Force Be with You

To avoid the dark side, you need a real product and a real service. You also need real Internet marketing. If you've stayed on top of recent Google algorithm updates, then you're familiar with Penguin, which has helped make search engine results more relevant and helpful by sifting out content and websites that aren't unique, have no real value, and are repurposing content from other sources.

Times may be tough or times may be good but you want them to be great. Whatever your specific situation and hopes for the future may be, don't give in to the promise of immediate results. After all, good things come to those who wait. However, when you work with a skilled Internet marketer who's right for you, you won't have to wait for too long, and it will be worth it.