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social media icons Relatively speaking, social media as a successful marketing platform is still new. And with every new frontier comes a wide set of myths and wrongheaded beliefs. Unfortunately, many of these beliefs keep businesses from properly using social media to the full extent in their marketing strategy. By understanding the truth about social media, both the good and the bad, your company can be on its way to making the platform a vital part of your image and success.

False Beliefs about the Power of Social Media

Some people believe that social media will never change a customer's mind about a company. Others believe that gaining a follower immediately means you've gained a customer. Both of these beliefs sit at opposite ends of the spectrum and both are wrong. Social media is meant to boost your marketing and relationships with consumers, but can't do all of the heavy lifting. It is one part of a larger scheme, but cutting it out means you're weakening your marketing plan.

Discouraging Thoughts on Time and Effort

Managing an effective social media plan takes consistent time and effort; this means Saturdays and Sundays as well. Some of the best social media results come on the weekend, and discounting these days in favor of a traditional work schedule means you are not taking full advantage of the platform. However, social media should not feel like an overwhelming task. By planning ahead and scheduling time for the platform, marketing will be consistent but not frantic.

Using Non-Facebook Sites

Yes, Facebook now has more than 1 billion users, but that does not mean that other social media sites are unimportant. While it would be ignorant to not use Facebook as a major component of social media marketing, not using other sites would be just as grievous of a mistake. Each site offers a unique twist on interacting with customer. Sites like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram give companies the chance to express their company's views in new ways and find new types of potential consumers.

Fear of Negative Backlash

Not every post will be a smash hit - that is just how the social media world works. Also, some consumers may use your company's social media platform to express negative views of your brand. But the negatives should not outweigh the positives. Try to avoid making obvious mistakes, such as posting offensive content, and use your platform as a chance to interact with customers with negative views to improve relationships and your image. Thoughtful and proper use of social media will result in far more positive experiences than negative ones, but the negatives are still bound to eventually happen.

Finding Success in the Social Media World

Like every great marketing strategy, social media marketing takes time and effort with a strong grasp of what works for your company and what does not. The social media marketing team at SLS Consulting, Inc. is focused on creating a lively and successful platform for your company through a variety of social media sites. Hard work and dedication combined with years of experience are what drive our team forward and, in turn, your business' online presence through social media. To learn more about how we can assist your company online through social media, content development, search engine optimization, design, and more, schedule a free growth assessment with us at (323) 254-1510.