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Take Advantage of Our 20 Years of Experience

Launching a website for your bail bond agency is just the first step in your long marketing journey. If you wish to go the distance and reach new clients when they need you, you need to go where they are. When a family member or friend is arrested, the first place most people search for help is Google, and that is where your business needs to be. Google My Business is the gateway to get your website and business out in front of clients as soon as possible, but only if you use it right.

Our team at SLS Consulting, Inc., has served bail bond agencies and law firms since 1999. We have seen every iteration of Google and thoroughly understand how to market your business through its various services – including Google My Business. If you have questions about marketing your bail bond agency or optimizing your Google My Business account for local search results, contact our bail bond marketing experts at (323) 254-1510 to schedule a free consultation.

How GMB Works

Creating a business profile for your bail bond agency on Google is only the first step in getting it to appear in Google maps and local searches. The next step is creating a Google My Business account to manage your business. Without a Google My Business account, you will not be able to update your address, contact information, operating hours, website link, photos, promotions, and other information for new clients. This account will also allow you to interact more closely with online users, respond to reviews, and notify users of changes at your agency. Without this account, users may have a difficult time finding you online. Luckily, both your Google profile and Google My Business are 100% free and the verification process is relatively simple, so there are no costs to creating one.

Put Yourself on the Map – Literally

Google My Business is not a search engine, but it is the key to ranking on one. While focusing on improving your agency’s rankings for certain keywords is always necessary, claiming and managing your Google My Business profile will allow you to access Google’s other search engine – Google Maps.

Although it is not a traditional search engine like Google proper or even Bing, Google Maps is one of the most utilized tools for online users. Many people looking for a local business or service start with a Google Maps search. They may be looking for a specific branch of a major business or a more general “bail bonds near me.”

These searches have a higher rate of urgency, meaning users are more likely to head to your website or call you immediately. If a friend or family member was arrested, the user will want to get in contact with a bail bond agency as soon as possible. Showing up on the top of Google Maps is vital to landing those leads, as a user can quickly see your reviews, hours of availability, website, and contact info.

Claim Your Spot in the Pack

Over the past few years, Google has made optimizing its services center around local businesses that are convenient and trustworthy to customers. Not only should a business’s listing clearly outline its hours of availability, have up-to-date contact information, and be properly categorized for filters, but it should also have strong reviews. When a business fulfills all of Google’s criteria for a high-quality local service, then it has the opportunity to join the Local 3-Pack.

Limited to three local businesses in a given area or search result, Local 3-Packs appear at the top of most Google search results, especially for local searches like “Boston bail bond agencies.” When searching for local businesses or services, Google users are now greeted with a general map of the search radius with three businesses listed just below it. These results almost always appear above the fold in a Google search, meaning these three businesses are likely the first ones that users interact with.

Given that Google no longer offers paid advertisements for bail bonds, being included in a Local 3-Pack is the best way to rank at the top of search results outside of a strong SEO strategy. While you should always focus on both local optimization and SEO, optimizing your Google My Business profile is key to getting a foothold in Local 3-Packs.

What SLS Consulting, Inc. Can Offer Your Agency

While most business owners assume they simply have to make a Google My Business account and they’re done, we at SLS Consulting, Inc., understand that it is much more complicated than that. Google My Business requires consistent updates and edits to ensure that all of your information, including your offices’ addresses, phone numbers, and services, are uniform across all listings. We also understand that many bail bond agencies have multiple offices to better help their clients and expand their services. When we work with a bail bond agency, we make sure their Google listings display accurate information and regularly update your profile so that users have no issues finding your agency.

As part of our efforts to improve your local rankings and optimize your Google listings, SLS can handle:

  • Creating your Google My Business account
  • Updating your business information and reviewing it for accuracy
  • Optimizing your account to rank locally
  • Properly categorizing your agency with the correct terms
  • Drafting business information for your account
  • Posting updates to your account with agency news, promotions, and other benefits to users
  • Uploading and optimizing photos of your office
  • Monitoring rankings

At SLS Consulting, Inc., our bail bond marketing experts are dedicated to giving our clients the time and effort their businesses need to grow. We will not simply set up your Google My Business account and leave it to the wilds. Instead, we thoroughly review all data on Google and ensure that is consistent with your website’s information.

Building out your business profile and updating your account can take time away from onboarding new clients, communicating with courthouses, and overseeing your agency’s operations. It is not uncommon for bail bond agencies to leave their Google My Business accounts unattended for months at a time. But given how useful this account is to your marketing efforts, instead of worrying about optimizing it, let a skilled marketing expert at SLS Consulting, Inc., handle it for you. We can take on the tasks of marketing your agency while you focus on your clients. We offer every potential client a free consultation, so there is no charge to giving us a call at (323) 254-1510 or contacting us online.

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