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Jurewitz Law Group is a personal injury plaintiff’s firm in the highly competitive San Diego market. Before coming to SLS, they were with another marketing company that stuffed their website full of repetitive, boring, keyword-spammy pages. But thousands of pages don’t mean signed clients. If Google cannot index the pages, it’s like they don’t exist—and web-savvy clients are unlikely to pick up the phone with bad writing. We had to get to work right away to cut the dead weight from the website. We also combined and rewrote tons of Jurewitz’s content. Guess what? Their rankings skyrocketed. And they got the clients they wanted.


  • Jurewitz Law Group, P.C.

Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury,
  • Car Accidents


  • San Diego, CA
  • Carlsbad, CA
increase in local calls
lower bounce rate
more pageviews

The Challenge

Our main goal in overhauling Jurewitz’s website was getting the right visitors to pick up the phone and call for their legal needs. The disorganization of the site was affecting both search engine results and potential clients, and the writing was not converting. We needed to change that.

Our Execution

There’s no question that quality beats quantity when it comes to legal internet marketing. When we started pruning unnecessary webpages, Jurewitz’s site traffic decreased, but the quality of their calls increased. We did extensive work on the back end of the site, reorganizing folders and optimizing for serious injuries in San Diego. Before, Jurewitz was getting $20,000 cases. After working with us, they are signing million-dollar cases. The firm has grown and hired more staff to handle the new caseload, and ranks very well in the ultra-competitive market of San Diego. We’re glad to share in their success, and are still working behind the scenes to keep them at the top.

Organic Traffic, Total Pageviews

Scholarship Traffic (Organic Only)

Website Design

San Diego is a competitive market, and lawyer websites have to do more than advertise services: they have to show personality. We wanted to showcase two sides of Ross: the staunch courtroom advocate for injury victims, and the approachable community member. We led with the tagline Standing up for you in the courtroom...Standing by your side in the community and added crisp, high-quality photos to introduce the firm’s attorneys. The warm/cool contrast in the color scheme draws in the user. Minimal asymmetrical shapes play off of each other, creating a dynamic experience, reflecting Jurewitz as a go-getter unafraid to try new things.

Ross Jurewitz, Esq

Ross Jurewitz, Esq
Managing Attorney

Susan and her team are not afraid of a challenge. They're always on top of how to make your website better and how to squeeze even more value out of your content.

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