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What are Hashtags? And Why are They Important?

By SLS Consulting on July 5, 2013

Originating on Twitter, hashtags, denoted by “#” immediately followed by a word or phrase, are a means of categorizing data in such a way that third parties can access that data while searching the given hashtag.  In layman’s terms, a hashtag gives you additional information about a particular post, indirectly connecting that post to other posts out there that have used the same hashtag.  In the world of online advertising, hashtags can help a brand get its message in front of as many sets of eyes as possible.

The Hashtag Spreads its Wings

Despite its humble beginnings on Twitter, the hashtag is now a valuable component of most social media sites.  The major players in social media marketing – Google+, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – all incorporate hashtags into user experience, making it easy for brands to hone in on a particular topic and appeal to an intended audience.  The hashtag is such a common mainstay in the world of social media that most users are not only familiar with it, but are comfortable themselves using hashtags, searching them, and paying attention to them.  For Internet marketing, hashtags can lead to increased engagement and help expand a brand’s social media audience, two goals that every social media marketer is always vying for. Read the rest »