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Black Hat Beware! False Promises of Ranking on Page One of Google

Spammy SEO TacticsHas your business ever received a call from a marketing company guaranteeing first page results in Google’s SERPs?  Heck, we’re our own marketing company, and even WE get those calls, so chances are pretty good that your business gets them as well.  But is there any truth behind what these cold-call marketers have to say?

First of all, if you only remember ONE thing from this entire blog, please let it be this:


With that being said, it’s important that you properly assess any marketing offer that comes your way.  Before entering into any sort of agreement with a company that literally just calls you out of the blue, be sure to do a thorough background check on that company.  Ask for their URL.  Ask them how their own rankings are doing and if they can tell you about one of their better success stories amongst clients.  Legitimate companies will always be able to point to past successes, while less than credible companies will merely try to fast talk you into signing some sort of deal. Read the rest »

3 Top Tell Tale Signs You’re Dealing with a Phony SEO “Professional”

Pasadena SEO CompanySearch engine optimization (SEO) may get a bad rap from time to time, but it is still an absolutely vital part of online marketing. In today’s internet-driven world, businesses that don’t incorporate an operational SEO campaign into their marketing strategies get left in the dust. Knowing this, business owners have been scrambling to acquire supposed SEO experts to give their marketing departments an edge. And many self-professed SEO “professionals” have risen up to meet the high demand, although not all of them may be as knowledgeable as they present themselves to be…

When it comes to searching for qualified SEO staff, how does one separate the wheat from the chaff? How can one tell the difference between the smooth talker and the real deal? Here’s a start: Weed out the interviewees who exhibit these three tell tale signs as described below – chances are they’re just fork-tongued phonies with a lot of talk but nothing to back it up with.

1. They promote “black hat” SEO tactics. Back in the early days of Google, “black hat” SEO tactics – duplicating content, keyword stuffing, link spamming, etc. – used to be pretty effective. However, Google has since then updated the search algorithm to reward quality over quantity. Nowadays, web pages created with black hat tactics in mind actually get penalized and fall in rankings. Read the rest »

Is Your SEO Company Violating Google’s Policies?

SEO Marketing CompanyOnce again, Google has rolled out another update to its Panda algorithm, taking aim at spam and duplicate content, particularly within the online legal industry. According to Google, the Panda 4.0 update is designed to aggressively filter out websites with “thin,” low-quality content from appearing in the top rankings.

In an attempt to meet Google’s ever-increasing emphasis on original quality information over the past few years, many law firms have been relying on SEO companies to build up high-quality content for their web pages. Unfortunately, turning to just any company claiming to be a SEO expert has caught up with many of these law firms. Read the rest »

6 Tips for Finding a Good SEO Company

Pasadena SEO FirmObviously, we could make this blog very abbreviated and tell you that when looking for a great search engine optimization (SEO) provider you need look no further than SLS Consulting. We can provide for all of your SEO needs. We provide services that will get your company noticed and we have the track record to prove it.

The End. Okay, not really.

Since content is still king in the SEO world, we will practice what we preach and give you some tips for finding the right SEO provider for your company.

Read the rest »

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